Mou Zongsan 牟宗三, Nineteen Lectures

Mou Zongsan (Mou Tsung-san), Nineteen Lectures: English Translation, Table of Contents


Author’s Preface

Translator’s Preface and Acknowledgement

Lecture 1       The Special Character of Chinese Philosophy

Lecture 2       Two Kinds of Truth and the Difference in their Universality

Lecture 3       The Emphasis in Chinese Philosophy and The Question of the Origins of the Pre-Qin Philosophers

Lecture 4       The Character of the Confucian System

Lecture 5       The Metaphysics, Xuan Principles, of Daoism

Lecture 6       The Character of the System of Xuan Principles—Horizontal Discussion of the Vertical

Lecture 7       The Functional Representation of Dao

Lecture 8       The Rise and Progress of Legalism

Lecture 9       The Legalists: The Significance of their Political Innovations

Lecture 10       The Pre-Qin School of Names and their Thought

Lecture 11       The Principal Issues in Wei-Jin Metaphysics, Xuanxue, And their Metaphysical Content and Value

Lecture 12       Non-Mainstream Thought of the Wei, Jin, and Liang Dynasties, And the Philosophical Significance of Buddhist “Dependent-Origination Substance-Empty”:  A Brief Discussion

Lecture 13       Two Truths and Three Substances:  How Do We Place Science?

Lecture 14       “One Mind Opens Two Doors” in the Awakening of Faith In the Mahayana

Lecture 15       The Meaning of Perfect Teaching in Buddhism

Lecture 16       Analytical Discourse and Non-Analytical Discourse and “Expressing Perfect Teaching”

Lecture 17       Perfect Teaching and the Perfect Good

Lecture 18       An Outline of Song and Ming Confucianism

Lecture 19       The Perfection and Ripeness of the Vertical System

(English translation copyright©Julie Lee Wei)